May 31, 2010

Handmade Birthday Gift

I had a really great weekend!  I got to take lots of pictures of my niece.  I miss babies being that small.  Oliver no longer will sit still for me, but here's a couple pictures of them.  I just LOVE the lens I got for my birthday.  It really does well.

Here also are what I created.  I made the box myself.  It was a 6x6x1.5 box that I filled with goodies for my sister to scrapbook with. I used a lot of blue and orange because she likes those colors.  The extra colors I added came out a little funky but it was a learning experience. :) I also made the card using the Straight From the Nest Cricut Cartridge.  


  1. Can you explain a bit more on the box you did? I love the idea of the scrappin stuff to give to someone! Adorable pictures!!!

  2. Those pictures are amazing! I love your box too, and dont you just love your Cricut!!! :-)

  3. These baby pics are beautiful Amanda.