April 6, 2010

Gypsy update!

Ok now that the site has finally let me update my Gypsy it is absolutely fabulous!!!  I linked all the cartridges I have (only 30....not the over 100 many people have) and I started designing.  The thing i would have to say I like the best so far is that when using some of the cartridges with cards on them (Stretch Your Imagination for example), even though the main image was not designed to be layered onto it, the software on the gypsy makes it so easy to tweek the main image exactly to fit on top of the card.  I may have to do my first video showing that....I've done it on several designs already and its so super simple.

I have decided to theme all of my projects for this month for Mother's Day.  It's coming up in a month and I've already done Spring (BTW it feels more like summer in KY) so Mother's Day it is!  I need to try out some new techniques so I will have at least one new project a week.  This week is a little tight because my husband and I are doing some extensive remodelling while the kids are away for Spring break but by this weekend I will definitely have something up!  I hope everyone's having a great day!!

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