September 10, 2011

I made it to 100!!

I am so totally excited this morning!!  I made it to the magic number of 100 followers!  That means we'll be doing a Cricut cartridge giveaway!  I'll be doing some shopping then this weekend and I'll have the giveaway posted on Monday.  I am so completely excited I just cannot tell you.

I was up ALL night last night reorganizing my craft room.  I unpacked 12 boxes of stuff......yes TWELVE.  I located my Peachy Keen stamps which I haven't been able to find since I packed them up 7 months ago along with a lot of other things that I thought would be lost in storage forever.  The most surprising part is that it all fit into my tiny room.  And my room is TINY.  When we remodeled our house 6 years ago, we converted our garage into additional living space.  We have a large detached garage and just felt like, knowing we would be adding to our family at some point, that an additional bedroom and bathroom would serve us better.  The remodel took like a year and a half and one of the things I had my husband build was an office in our bedroom.  I didn't need a large space so it's only about 9x9.  It was just supposed to be a place for my computer desk away from everyone mostly so that I could keep the mail/finances in order and do school work with no interruptions.  This was pre-crafting days.  Well I only got to use it about 6 weeks and found out I was pregnant. :)  So then my nice space just for me turned into a nursery and was a nursery until my son was about 13 months old.  Yes he was attached to my room for forever mostly because he didn't sleep well and I really didn't feel like getting up twice a night every night to walk across the house to make sure he was ok.  Any of you out there with kids that were horrible sleepers will know the feeling. :)  When I was pregnant was when I started getting into crafting.  We have both a living and family room and we don't really use the living room.  So I took it over little by little with crafting stuff.  Then when we had hit a serious financial crisis and were having to think about moving, the realtor advised us to set it back up as a formal living room to make it more appealing.  So I had begun the process of downsizing my stuff to fit into my tiny 9x9 office.  What I learned last night after unpacking it all.....It all fits!  I actually didn't have to pack up any of it.  I could have left it as is.  And actually I thought it would take me forever to get it done and it didn't.

A few obvious things though....
     1. I need a few creative organization ideas.  I have some jars for my buttons and also for brads, but I definitely need a ribbon storage solution.  I have an idea I'd like to do that I saw on the Crafty Storage blog.  I can't find the exact post but it involved hanging 2 chains with bars running between them holding ribbon.  This would be a very cost effective solution.
     2. Do I really need 2 cricuts plus my imagine?  I'm really struggling with this one.  My original Expression has not been updated and still works with my SCAL 2.0 software.  And I've recently discovered Kerri Bradford Designs.  My have to keep it around and try out some of her designs.
     3.  I seriously need a clear stamp storage solution.  I'm thinking of going with a binder type.  I don't have a whole ton of them but what I do have is in CD cases, and while I like the CD cases, they take up too much space.  I need to condense it and conserve space. 
     4.  I have way too much paper.  More paper than I'd probably be able to use in 2 years.  Some of it I don't even like anymore.  How sad is that?  I haven't gotten rid of it because I paid for it so I feel like I should use it.  Maybe I'll figure something out.  Ebay may be the way to go.
     5.  I have many things that haven't been opened or that I haven't even tried out!  That tells me I need to be banned from online and in store shopping until I use what I have!
     6.  And finally that I just adore my one else would put up with me and this hobby of mine.....or rather there a support group for addicts of this kind?? :)  If so I may need to join.

Anyway, that's how my evening went.  I'd love to get some things done today....BUT, we actually have a leak that has to be fixed and I think I'm going to have to go to an immediate care doctor today.  I've been sick for over a week now and now I sound like a MAN when I talk!  Ugh....don't you hate that?  A few months ago we noticed a leak in our family room.  After several roof contractors looked at it, it was determined that the leak is actually coming from the chimney.  The top or our chimney is cracked, water is getting in and seeping through the brick onto our ceiling.  This was actually good news because my handy husband will fix it himself.  And since I was out of town on training for so long this has been the first chance he has to fix it.  So that's what is involved in today.  He'll be fixing the chimney and I'll be running after 3 kids.

Again I'd like to say how completely excited I am that I now have 100 followers.  It really uplifted me to see that so many people have clicked that button.  So on Monday I'll have something to give back.  Thank you all for making my day.  I'll have many projects to post VERY soon!  October will start my new blog schedule and I am so excited to be a little more organized in what I share.  I'll also post pictures of my craft room (still a work in progress) soon and will take any organizing ideas out there to try to maximize my space. 

Have a great day everyone!!  Happy crafting!


  1. Congrats on 100 followers!

    Here are a few thoughts on your post.

    Stamp storage - I just converted to the binder system. Since it is back to school, I was able to get some binders at a great price. I used some plastic inserts from Office Depot. I have a lot of sentiment stamps from My Pink Stamper and Pink by design, so they fit awesome in these inserts. I think I am also going to get some baseball card size ones for a few smaller sets that I have in CD cases.
    For ribbon storage - it depends on how much and whether they are on spools. If they are still on spools, I can send you a pic of what I am using.
    Paper - I did a few paper swaps in the spring to get rid of paper that wasnt me anymore. Last month I did another sort and reorganization. Yes I bought it so I should use it, but with so much paper I would never be able to find it when it maybe would have fit with a project. So I did get rid of some more. I've got my collections by Basic Grey, My Mind's Eye and Echo Park in one area and then my single sheets and DCWV stacks in another area. And I'm trying not to be tempted to buy anymore paper right unless I really need something specific.

    Let me know if you want to see any pics of how I re did my craftroom this summer.

    Good luck


  2. Congrats on your followers, glad to be one of them!!!

    I really know what you mean about your husband putting up with your hobby, I have one that puts up with mine, as a matter of fact when I was reading your post... he read the topic of your blog and says that's you too funny (Paper Addict). Have a wonderful day!!

    Congrats again!